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Blackstar HT1RH MkII - 1 Watt Valve Head with Reverb

Blackstar HT1RH MkII - 1 Watt Valve Head with Reverb


The Blackstar HT1RH MkII is 1-watt valve head that delivers a versatile range of tube tones and a cool boutique design. The perfect head for practice and the studio.

Blackstar HT1RH MkII - 1 Watt Valve Head with Reverb

The Blackstar HT1RH MkII is the latest incarnation of the hugely popular 1-watt valve guitar head. It still packs that great valve tone, but now comes with a selection of innovative features, tonal options and a great new look. This a superb practice amp or studio tool.

Blackstar have upgraded the HT1RH MkII to now feature foot switchable voices on both the Clean and Overdrive channels, giving you access to a wider range of tones, and increased versatility.

The Clean channel features two voices. Voice 1 delivers that "American" classic bright tone with solid bass response, whilst Voice 2 target the "British" sound with a responsive chime, looser low end and ability to drive when pushed hard. The single tone control allows you to tweak the final sound.

The Overdrive section also features two voices. Voice 1 is all about the classic "British" Blackstar overdrive, taking you from a rich natural drive to a super crunch, all whilst being able to clean up when you back off the volume. Voice 2 is all about the "High Gain" inspired by the critically acclaimed HT Venue MkII high gain sounds - aggressive high end with a tight, compact yet resonant low end.

You can tweak your tone with on-board ISF filter, Blackstar's unique design that'll give you infinite adjustment over the characteristics of each voice.

Other new appointments include the new boutique design, stage-friendly chickenhead knobs, a newly voiced studio quality reverb and a USB audio out for pro-quality recording.

As with the original version, the MkII HT1RH comes loaded with an ECC83 preamp valve, an ECC83 power valve. Utilizing Blackstar's push-pull valve power amp design, the HT1RH MkII delivers all the dynamics and response of a 100W stack but in the ultra-portable package.

With its selection of new features, compact design and great valve tone, the Blackstar HT1RH MkII is a welcome update on the classic 1-watt valve amp.