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Blackstar ID Core Stereo 10 V2 Guitar Combo - Black Tweed

Blackstar ID Core Stereo 10 V2 Guitar Combo - Black Tweed


Limited Edition Blackstar ID:Core 10 V2 in Black Tweed finish. It features 6 enhanced amp voices, 12 effects, the Blackstar ISF filter and comes with Presonus Studio One 'Blackstar Edition' software.

Blackstar ID Core Stereo 10 V2 Guitar Combo - Black Tweed

Limited Edition Blackstar ID Core 10 V2 guitar combo in Black Tweed finish. 

With its 6, all new, enhanced voices, the Blackstar ID Core 10 V2 is able to dial in tones to suit all occasions. Each voice; Warm Clean, Bright Clean, Crunch, Super Crunch, OD 1 and OD 2, delivers valve amp like feel and response for a superior playing experience.

Fancy experimenting with effects, well you'll have plenty to play with. The ID Core 10 V2 comes loaded with 12 effects that include, reverb, delay plus the new for V2 Envelope Filter and Chorus/Flange effects.

With their stereo speaker configuration, the ID Core V2 amps deliver a huge tone for a truly immersive playing experience.

Other features include FREE PreSonus Studio One 'Blackstar Edition' recording software, USB audio for pro recording capability, a stereo MP3/Line, a speaker emulated line out for silent practice or recording plus access to Blackstar's Insider software. The Insider software allows you to deep edit and store your patches for your amp plus download unique artist settings and exchange patches with others around the world.

With its huge stereo sound, compact design, vast array of features and super affordable price, the Blackstar ID:Core 10 V2 is a superb choice for any guitarist.