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BOSS AD2 Acoustic Preamp Pedal


The BOSS AD-2 is an acoustic preamp stompbox that offers electro-acoustic players natural sounding tones with high quality reverb effects. Handy features include preamp notch filter for feedback control, a balanced DI out for direct connection to a PA and a convenient mute function.

BOSS AD2 Acoustic Preamp Pedal

On any stage electro-acoustic artists can now access that natural, studio quality tone thanks to BOSS AD2 Acoustic Preamp Pedal! This compact, rugged unit houses the impressive BOSS sound engine technology that exists only to optimise your plugged acoustic tone for almost any genre or playing style. 

This stompbox will keep your electro-acoustic sounding natural, in order to do this BOSS say that it all comes down to capturing the impact of the body, top, strings and other aspects that all come together with various playing techniques to create that perfect acoustic guitar tone that countless players aspire to.

In order to achieve the perfect acoustic tone BOSS have gone beyond the traditional undersaddle pickup and instead included a system that analyses the guitar input signal as you play. After this stage comes advanced processing of the sound in order to accuratly recreate your guitar’s naturally evolving tone.

With a stunning base electro-acoustic tone established the artist can then enhance this further by using the built in reverb for added atmosphere and depth to any picking or strumming. With a top quality sound available quickly the AD-2 makes it just as simple to gig or record your songs! Two independent outputs are available in the form of an output jack for plugging into an acoustic amp or a stage monitor and a line out slot to send a balanced signal to the PA mixer direct. 

Not only does this pedal make the guitarists life easier but also their PA engineers! The ambience off mode can let the engineer take the reins and add their own effects and the notch filter will rid you of tricky low frequency feedback issues on stage.