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BOSS CP1X Compressor Pedal


This highly intelligent multi-band studio-grade compressor from BOSS that is specifically designed to avoid tonal colouring and won't kill the dynamics of your playing. This pedal also boasts a high headroom for added versatility!

BOSS CP1X Compressor Pedal

Introducing the BOSS CP1X Compressor Pedal! The innovative CP1X is a multi-band studio-grade compressor that is powered by BOSS MDP technology to preserve the character of your instrument and technique for unlimited musical expression.

Tired of compressors colouring your precious tone? Want to retain the dynamics of your playing? The sound engineers down at BOSS have ensured that this pedal puts into practise intelligent processing that allows for expressive playing, while also controlling and tempering your guitar's signal. 

One vital benefit of the CP1X compared to other compressors is the sheer amount of headroom it has. This 18v pedal has a larger amount of headroom than most other compressor pedals which allows you to successfully use elements that would be too much for a 9v compressor to handle such as 7 string guitars, high output pickups and the strumming of acoustic guitars. 

A common complaint that many traditional compressors create is that the dynamics of your playing usually suffers in the process. With BOSS's CP1X multi-band studio compressor an intelligent processing technology is constantly analysing your signal in multiple dimensions as you play for that important advanced dynamics control that is sure to never colour or muddy your sound.