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BOSS DB30 Dr. Beat

BOSS DB30 Dr. Beat


Portable, go-to metronome by BOSS. The DB-30 Dr.Beat is a feature rich device perfect for all your timekeeping needs!

BOSS DB30 Dr. Beat

The BOSS DB30 Dr. Beat is a reliable pocket sized metronome that you can take anywhere! With it's various practical features and functions, the DB30 will be your go-to timekeeper and take your music to the next level. 

This compact, portable metronome not only excels are all your common timekeeping and timing needs but it is also capable of 9 rhythm types and 24 beat variations! These included combinations of odd-time signatures and clave patterns for building Latin rhythms or giving your practice and writing sessions an extra creative spark. 

A clear visual prompt and assistance is provided by an LCD needle and two bright LED lights while internal reference tones up to 12 semitones are also available for extra customisation. On top of all this the DB30 comes with a handy tap tempo function also built in so you can find your desired tempo quickly and easily.

The DB30 is practical too. Built in is an 'Auto Power Off' mode for saving your precious battery life and a headphones jack for when you need to hear every beat in a noisy environment.