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BOSS EV30 Compact Expression Pedal

BOSS EV30 Compact Expression Pedal


This compact expression pedal from BOSS, the EV-30, is designed to be tough and versatile, all while saving that precious space on your pedalboard.

BOSS EV30 Compact Expression Pedal

The BOSS EV-30 Expression Pedal has been designed as a space saving, rugged unit that offers superb build quality and control.

With its BOSS pedal heritage of course you can expect this EV-30 to be a very rugged, tough expression pedal that will survive anything an intense tour can throw at it. This unit is sure to survive for years or decades thanks to its die-cast aluminium chassis that acts as a shield to protect its clever mechanism and inner circuity from harm. 

This small-footprint expression pedal is right at home on small or busy pedalboards thanks to its minature dimensions and is perfect for those space concious pedalboard builders. Although small the EV30 packs in some seriously impressive technology for optimum performance. 

The action of the internal mechanism on the Boss EV-30 Expression pedal is designed to be perfectly smooth, so you can be sure your parameter control will be completely accurate. Another top quality addition to this model is its dual electronically isolated expression outputs as this gives the player the ability to control two devices with just this expression pedal.