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BOSS Limited Edition 40th Anniversary DS1 Distortion Pedal


To celebrate BOSS' 40th anniversary they have releases this Limited Edition BOSS DS-1 Distortion pedal.

BOSS Limited Edition 40th Anniversary DS1 Distortion Pedal

To commemorate 40 years of pedal innovation, welcome for 2017 the BOSS 40th Anniversary Limited Edition DS-1 Distortion Pedal.

Originally launced in 1978 in when BOSS launched their second wave of pedal (1977 was the first year), the DS-1 maintaned its place in the BOSS lineup...and rightfully so! Players as varied as Steve Vai, Billy Joe Armstrong and Kurt Cobain have all used the DS-1 at some point with many more still discovering it.

The limited edition model features a black body with gold lettering, gold-capped knobs, and a vintage silver thumbscrew for the battery compartment.

Tonally, the BOSS DS-1 is very diverse. At one end of its range, it delivers a warm bluesy crunch, whilst at the other, chunky, saturated metal tones are found. It will also work well as a booster, giving just enough extra gain to push a valve amp to break up.

Control-wise, it’s quite simple, with just 3 controls- level, tone and distortion, you can dial in any of the DS-1’s huge number of different tones.

As with all Boss pedals, the DS-1 is built to last. Featuring a rugged metal casing, large footswitch and grippy rubber base, it’s designed for years of being stomped on. The battery compartment is easily reached via a thumb screw on the front of the pedal whilst a socket on the rear allows for powering via Boss PSA 9v supply.