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BOSS WL50 Wireless Guitar System for Pedalboards

BOSS WL50 Wireless Guitar System for Pedalboards


The BOSS WL-50 is wireless guitar system designed to fit onto your pedal board. A simple to use system with a premium plug and play design.

BOSS WL50 Wireless Guitar System for Pedalboards

The BOSS WL50 is a wireless guitar system designed to fit onto your pedal board. It has a simple to use plug and play design, eliminating the need for cables whilst still delivering all the natural tone and feel you have been accustomed to.

The WL-50 has a slightly smaller footprint than a standard BOSS compact pedal and can be powered just like your other stomps, making it an easy addition to any pedal board setup. Once the unit has been your installed pedal board, connect the receiver’s output to the first pedal, then simply dock the transmitter into the receiver for 10 seconds, this allows for optimum wireless connection, then plug the transmitter into your's that simple!

Utilizing high performance wireless technology, the BOSS WL-50 delivers pro level sound quality and a wide dynamic range, essential when making that switch to a wireless guitar system. Working on a 2.4Ghz frequency band, your performance will be rock-solid with no drop outs, and with an ultra low latency of 2.3 ms. In addition, up to 14 BOSS wireless system can be usedin one space, allowing for multiple musicians to enjoy that wireless freedom!

The WL-50 includes two selectable cable tone simulation options that reproduce the natural capacitive effect that’s introduced when using a guitar cable with standard passive pickups. You can also bypass the effect when cable tone simulation is not desirable, such as when using an acoustic/electric guitar with an onboard preamp or an instrument with active pickups.

Added versatility comes via the power option. For those street gigs or mobile performances you can run the reciever for up to 10 hours on two AA batteries. For those moments whern you can plug in, the optional PSA-S adaptor will be the desired choice.

With no cables to worry about, the BOSS WL50 allows you to mover freely whether you are at home practising, jamming with your friends or performing on stage. You can even listen to your tone out front whilst sound checking, allowing you to get the best sound for your audience!