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Carlsbro CSD130 (CSD525) Compact Electronic Drum Kit

Carlsbro CSD130 (CSD525) Compact Electronic Drum Kit


The Carlsbro CSD130 (CSD525) is a compact electronic drumkit that comes loaded with 250 high quality sounds and 20 preset drum kits. A superb value kit with great build quality.

Carlsbro CSD130 (CSD525) Compact Electronic Drum Kit

The Carlsbro CSD130 (CSD525) compact electronic drum kit is a superb value instrument delivering excellent build quality, 250 sounds and a host of great features.

Whether you want portability or have a limited amount of space, the compact CSD130 kit will fit your requirements. Fully built the CSD130 still has a conservative footprint but it also folds down into an ultra portable size.

The kit certainly doesn't fall short in the amount of pads and cymbals and their great features either. The 2" reverse bass kick pad is perfect for giving true beater swing action, whilst the 7.5" snare pad has dual zones for standard snare and rimshot sounds. The remaining tom pads are also 7.5". A 10" hi-hat cymbal pad is complimented by chokeable 10" crash and ride cymbals.

The Commander sound module hosts 250 high quality sounds with 20 preset drum kits, 10 user defined kits and 20 demo songs to jam along with. The sound module also gives you access to record and playback your drumming, adjust sensitivity, control reverb and utilize a metronome to help with timing.

Compact, feature rich, great sound set and excellent build quality all make the Carlsbro CSD130 a superb value electronic drum kit.