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Casio CTX700 Keyboard

Casio CTX700 Keyboard


The Casio CTX700 is a perfect keyboard for the beginner or casual player. It features 61 touch sensitive keys, 600 tones, hundreds of built in rhythms and lots more!

Casio CTX700 Keyboard

Whether you are a beginner or a casual player, the Casio CT-X700 keyboard a great option, giving you access to hundreds of sounds and rhythms, 61 touch-sensitive keys and more!

What sets the CTX700 apart from other keyboards in this field is the powerful AiX Sound Source. This technology allows the keyboard to deliver sounds that far outreach its affordable price point, and would happily be heard on keyboards costing substantially more.

Talking of sounds, you certainly won't be short of inspiration, as the CTX700 comes loaded with 600 tones! Pick a grand piano sound and you'll hear a carefully recorded instrument in a virtual concert hall, or do you fancy an electric piano sound, then you'll be treated to some vintage amp models and phasers to compliment it's timeless sound. After that you may fancy some brass or woodwind instruments, a flute, trumpet or maybe a sax...with every note you'll hear vibrato and natural breath. Maybe a modern synth sound is what you fancy, treated with an arpeggiator and next to a drum part, your next big EDM hit is right at your fingertips! The list is huge, simply use the Category button to explore the 600 tones, all there to inspire your creativity.

You'll love jamming along to the hundreds of built-in rhythms. The array of rhythms spans the globe, allowing you expand your musical knowledge all whilst having fun be creative. In addition you'll also find a selection of old favourites and chart hits for you to listen and play along with. The drum sounds on-board cover everything from authentic acoustic drums to vintage drum machines to a huge collection of percussion instruments.

If you want to create your own music you can with the 6-track recorder or maybe you want to improve you playing, in which case simply use the Step-Up lesson system to learn songs and improve your musicianship.

The CT-X700 is also class compliant, meaning you can connect it to your Mac, PC, Android or iOS device, no external drivers or installation is needed. Handily, the included music rest can support tablet and there is even a shelf for your smartphone.

As for powering the CT-X700, you can either use the included AC power supply, or optional battery power is available making it perfect as a go-anywhere musical partner.