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Electro Harmonix Bass Clone - Bass Chorus Pedal

Electro Harmonix Bass Clone - Bass Chorus Pedal


Bass players can now get access to those classic Clone chorus tones with this Electro Harmonix Bass Clone pedal.

Electro Harmonix Bass Clone - Bass Chorus Pedal

Designed especially for bass players, the Electro Harmonix Bass Clone gives bassists access to those classic Small Clone Chorus tones that guitarists have loved for years.

With it's circuitry almost identical to its "guitar cousin" (the Small Clone), the EHX Bass Clone delivers plenty of lush bass chorus tones whilst still allowing you to maintain a great bass tone!

Controls includes Depth and Rate, for the chorus effect, whilst the Crossover switch cuts the low end from the modulated signal, allowing you to achieve a more accurate low end and all important note definition. The Treble control affects the while signal whilst the Bass control only affects the dry signal, these controls work great and essential to maintain good bottom end fundamentals whilst allowing for a shimmering top.

Need a bass chorus pedal? Give the EHX Bass Clone a whirl, we don't think you'll be disappointed.

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