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Electro Harmonix Canyon - Delay and Looper Pedal

Electro Harmonix Canyon - Delay and Looper Pedal


The EHX Canyon Delay and Looper is the ultimate pedal for those who want to unleash vast echo soundscapes with huge atmosphere and character! 11 unique modes, tap tempo with tap divide and a tails switch, all in a compact, pedalboard friendly 9v powered unit.

Electro Harmonix Canyon - Delay and Looper Pedal

Explore the vast echoes of the Electro Harmonix Canyon Delay and Looper Pedal! This compact yet feature packed unit is a shoegazers dream with it's 11 unique modes, built in looper and tap tempo offering a powerful, welcome addition to any pedalboard!

This pedal will suit traditional, experimental and creative players as it offers so many different types of delay. Firstly EHX have equipped the Canyon Delay with those most commonly used delay types found on countless records such as 'Digital Delay', 'Modulated Delay' with that added complexity and modulated warmth, 'Tape delay' that Simulates analogue tape echoes including tape wow and flutter and even a faithful recreation of the legendary 'EHX Deluxe Memory Man' bucket brigade analogue delay.

Electro-Harmonix have also included some less commonly used delay sounds that offer an innovative, unique blend of tones to create huge soundscapes. Some of these options include a 'Multi-tap Delay' where each repeat occurs at exactly the same volume, a crazy 'Reverse Delay' that make your echoes play in reverse, a 'Reverb Plus Delay' mode where each echo is combined with a plate reverb at the same time, an 'Octave Delay' where each repeat is progressively shifted up one octave, a 'Shimmer Mode' that generates a rich octave-shifted wash of harmonies and finally a 'Sample/Hold' function that senses a guitar being plucked and produces echoes indefinitely until you pluck again. 

The real party piece of this amazing pedal is it's looping functionality. This setting allows players to record and play back up to 62 seconds that is then stored permanently even if the pedal is switched off.  When replaying the loop it's volume level can then be controlled with the Feedback knob. 

Control wise EHX have provided a delay control which allows you to take charge of the delay time with a minimum of 5 milliseconds to a max of 3 seconds for slapback to almost infinite trails. 

Next is a Feedback control. This swhich allows you to select the number of repeats present in the delayed signal, the higher this is set the bigger the number of repeats. However when the Canyon is in 'S/H mode' this takes control of "pluck detection" sensitivity instead and similarly in LOOP mode it will controls just how much of the loop is preserved when you are overdubbing.

Finally you have a 'Mode knob' which is an 11-position rotary switch that lets you select each of the Canyons delay modes.

The pedal also features a tap tempo with a tap divide function, which can then be operated through the built-in footswitch or even an external footswitch and a small 'Tails switch' that lets you choose between having the delayed echoes contining to repeat or stopping once the pedal is switched to bypass, both giving you total control over your delay. 

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