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Electro Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine

Electro Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine


You have those classic electric pianos sounds right at your finger tips with the Electro-Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine guitar effects pedal!

Electro Harmonix Key9 Electric Piano Machine

The Electro Harmonix Key9 Piano Machine perfect way to play classic electric piano tones with your guitar. This genius device transforms your guitar tone to trick even the most accomplished musicans and listeners they are in the presence of a piano. Its great tracking make the Key 9 the real deal when it comes to electric piano replication for the guitarist.

With the same familiar format as the hugely popular B9 and C9, the controls let you set up each instrument's sound to your taste. There are 9 presets, all with built-in effects such as chorus, phase, and tremolo to give your sound that ambient depth.

The dry volume knob controls the volume of the untreated instrument level from the keys output jack and the keys volume knob controls the overall volume of the Keys preset in use.

The Control 1 & Control 2 knobs tweak the 9 presets, the way these knobs effect the sound depend on the one in use at any given time. For example in the "Dynamo" setting which is an emmulation of the Dyno My Fender Rhodes electric pianos of the 70s and 80s Control 1 adds bass to the lower strings of your guitar and Control 2 adjusts the high end overtones. Whereas in the "Wurli" setting that is designed to emulate the classic wurlitzer electric piano the control 1 adjusts tremolo depth and the control 2 sets the trem speed.

The bypass footswitch allows you to toggle the KEY9 between buffered Bypass and Effect mode. Equipped with practical status LED lights when in Effect mode.

This pedal has wet and dry capabilities! The dry output jack outputs the signal present at the input jack through a buffer circuit. The dry signal is outputted regardless if the KEY9 is in Effect or Bypass mode. The Keys outputs the mix that is set by the dry and keys controls.

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