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Evans UV1 Coated Snare / Tom Batter Head - 15"

Evans UV1 Coated Snare / Tom Batter Head - 15"


The 15" Evans UV1 Coated Snare/Tom Batter Head delivers unmatched durability, consistency, strength and sound.

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Evans UV1 Coated Snare / Tom Batter Head - 15"

The specially developed Evans UV1 Coated Snare / Tom Batter Head - 15" is a versatile, durable head that has been designed to give drummers the lively, expressive sound they crave...for longer. 

The key to the UV1's success is it's UV-cured coating. As the most evenly applied head design available this long lasting head delivers exceptional strength in comparison to traditional coatings. Along with this unique coating design Evans have opted for a single-ply 10mil film construction as it makes the head more resistant when it comes up against potential dents or stretching. No more flaking, chipping or premature wearing out! 

As well as strength, the UV1's 10mil film is more versatile in terms of it's sonic ability. Not matter what your drumming style or genre, you are sure to appreciate the enhanced tonal range, wide tuning options and high responsiveness that is provided courtesy of Evans Level 360 Technology. 

Being the result of countless hours of Evan's research, dedication and experimentation the UV1 features coating that is designed to add to tone rather than detract from it. Brush players will also noticed the increased surface texture of skin means a more sensitive, responsive feel and great sound. 

The UV1 by Evans take drum heads to a new level of tonal performance, durability and strength.