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Fender Engager Boost Pedal

Fender Engager Boost Pedal


The Fender Engager Boost pedal gives you access to more volume, allowing you to drive your amp harder or lift your solo in addition to sculpting your tone with a 3-band EQ.

Fender Engager Boost Pedal

The Fender Engager Boost pedal is a simple yet versatile tool that gives you access to boost your volume, fatten your tone or drive your amp harder.

Designed by Fender's in-house team of experts, the Engager Boost utilizes an all original circuit to deliver a pedal that'll kick your tone into gear. You can use the Engager Boost in whatever way your see fit, whether it's as a volume boost mid song to allow your solo to be heard, as a clean boost to drive your valve amps front end elevating your tone to new levels, or as a tone sculpting tool thanks to the pedals on-board 3-band EQ with switchable Frequency switch.

Other features include a chassis crafted from lightweight yet durable anodized aluminium, a Amp Jewel LED and handy LED backlit knobs, allowing you to see your settings on dark stages. Another great feature is a "patent applied for" magnetically latched battery door, allowing for easy battery changes.

In addition True and buffered bypass modes ensure this pedal plays nicely in any rig.