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Fender FSR BassBreaker 15 Ltd Combo - Vintage Lacquer Tweed

Fender FSR BassBreaker 15 Ltd Combo - Vintage Lacquer Tweed


Fender Special Run BassBreaker is a limited edition 15 watt valve amp that features a retro Vintage Lacquer Tweed covering, a Bassman Oxblood grill cloth and an upgraded 12” 8-ohm Celestion Greenback speaker.

Fender FSR BassBreaker 15 Ltd Combo - Vintage Lacquer Tweed

Delivering 15 watts of tube power and loaded with a plethora of useful features, the Fender FSR BassBreaker 15 Ltd Combo - Vintage Lacquer Tweed is a super versatile amp that will please players across many genres. A great amp for performing or for studio work.

Supercharged with a trio of 12AX7 preamp valves that feed in two EL84 power valves, the Fender Bass Breaker 15 combo is able to deliver plenty of tube tone goodness in a compact amp that packs plenty of punch. The new three position Gain Structure enables the amp to produce three distinct 'boutique' voices that'll take your tone from mild to wild all with a tight, modern sound that'll never mask the character of your guitar.

Alongside the three position Gain Structure control you also have the traditional gain/master controls, bass, middle and treble controls a bright switch and reverb. A Single 12” 8-ohm Celestion Greenback speaker also features.

Recording-friendly features such as XLR line output with switchable speaker emulation and Power Amp Mute make it easy to lose yourself in the moment without getting bogged down by the details. An effects loop adds to the amps connectivity.

Not only standout tonally, the range of Fender BassBreaker amps have a visual quality all of their own. The dark grey lacquered tweed covering is complimented by its black grill, leather handle and bold pointer knobs.