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Fender Limited Edition Select Light Ash Tele - White Blonde

Fender Limited Edition Select Light Ash Tele - White Blonde


The Special Edition Fender Magnificent 7 Limited Edition Select Lite Ash Telecaster is beautiful instrument that brings together a host of classic and modern features in perfect harmony.

Fender Limited Edition Select Light Ash Tele - White Blonde

This Fender Limited Edition Select Light Ash Tele in White Blonde is part of Fender's 2016 Magnificent 7 range, a range dedicated to crafting limited edition instruments that are essentially modded versions of those classic Fender models. This guitar isn't your typical Tele, its body is made from hand-selected lightweight ash and weighs in at just 7 lbs! 

As a limited edition model this Tele adds a new dynamic to the Telecaster range as its body is very special for two reasons. Firstly the select ash used is a superb tonewood that is naturally very light, this will impact make an impact by reducing fatigue onstage and will produce a much more comfortable playing feel overall.

The 50's inspiration and heritage then shines through as this ash body is perfectly complimented with the sort after gloss nitrocellulose lacquer, used on the Fender's of old this involves a painstaking premium process that will give you that authentic natural wear over time just like the old Teles. 

Blending retro and modern features is what the magnificent 7 series is all about, as a result the neck on this Tele is shaped to a modern “C” profile and treated to a gloss lacquer finish for that smooth playing feel.

The tone however is out and out vintage thanks to the spanking alnico magnet powered American Vintage ‘58 single coil pickups that are true original construction for that unique palette of bright and warm sounds. This traditional take on the electronics continues with the classic master volume and tone controls with a 3-position pickup switch blade.

Style wise this Select Lite Ash Telecaster boasts a retro 3-saddle American vintage strings-through-body Tele bridge with brass saddles, this is the tried and tested recipe for optimum resonance and sustain. Additions include deluxe cast sealed tuners with pearl buttons for superb tuning and a 4-ply tortoiseshell pickguard to compliment the white nitro finish.