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Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal

Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal


The Marine Layer Reverb Pedal by Fender has all the features you'd expect of a high quality reverb pedal, however it has a couple of unique additions to set it apart from the crowd, such as varied voicings, reverb tail decay and a special setting that applies a jaw dropping 'shimmer' effect.

Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal

The Fender Marine Layer Reverb Pedal offers a wealth of options for that highly coveted reverb spot on a pedal board arrangement. It features 6 different digital algorythms, which translate into 6 different voicings that you can further customise with Pre-Delay, Reverb Time, Damping, and Level dials. There are three reverb types preset, Room, Hall and Special. The special voicing is a modern style shimmer effect, it works by boosting notes so they bloom and grow as they fade out, creating a resonating octave style cascade, it's quite something! Reverb tails remain affected by the pedal even when it is bypassed. This means no more artificial, clunky cut offs when releasing the effect, just smooth decay as you transition back into dry playing! 

Player centric features include a lightweight anodised aluminium construction, ensuring heavy durability for gigging, rehearsing and recording, plus the life-long lasting quality we've grown accustomed to from Fender. 'Patent applied for' magnetic latched 9v battery compartment makes battery replacement a cinch, no tools required. Finished with a brushed metal look, adorned with the Amp Jewel LED and illuminated control dials - for darkened performance settings - the pedal has a highly professional aesthetic, ensuring it takes pride of place amongst the most fashion conscious of pedal boards.

The Marine Layer Reverb Pedal by Fender offers something a little different to your standard reverb unit, a fantastic option if you seek to add classic reverb effects or an ethereal edge to your pedal board!