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Fender Mustang GT 40 - Guitar Combo

Fender Mustang GT 40 - Guitar Combo


The Fender Mustang GT40 is a 40w (2x20 stereo) guitar amp loaded with 21 stunning amp models, 47 effects, a full colour LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity and more!

Fender Mustang GT 40 - Guitar Combo

The Fender Mustang GT-40 Guitar Combo is part of Fender's latest range of Mustang amps. It delivers a punchy 40 watt output (2x20w stereo) and is packed with features including 21 stunning amp models, 47 effects, Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity and more!

Fender's original range of Mustang amps were class leaders, earning a well deserved reputation, so Fender were going to have to do something special with the Mustang GT range to improve on them...and that, they have! With over 70 years of experience crafting inspirational tools for guitarists, Fender have done it welcome the Fender Mustang GT40...

Let's start with the sounds. The Mustang GT40 comes loaded with 21 stunning amp models that will take you from Fender's legendary ’59 Bassman all the way up to some modern metal tones...with plenty in between! As with a valve amp, the Mustang GT-40 amps sounds will clean up with a lighter touch or roll off of the volume control but will then grunt and growl at you as you dig in and hit harder!

Once you have you amp tone you can then experiment with the 47 on board effects everything from reverbs to delays to modulations and more...all with the control of the signal path - perfect for experimentation. With amp and effects combined you'll be truly inspired to find an array of unique tones and simply shape them to match that of your favourite players. Editing and tweaking the amps and effects is a breeze thanks to the stunning full colour LCD display and intuitive operation. 

The Mustang GT40 delivers a pokey 40 watts of output (2 x 20 watts stereo) via way of a pair of 6.5" speakers. The sound delivered is not only works great with your guitar tone but is equally adept at delivering a full-range output when you want to stream audio from your Bluetooth enabled device.

Not just loaded with Bluetooth connectivity, the Mustang GT40 is also WiFi enabled, which means you can easily download the latest updates, Fender artist created presets and more.

Added versatility comes via the Fender Tone app. The app connects to the amp giving you simple one finger control, the ability to upgrade the amps capabilites (by adding more power and presets) and allow you to connect to the Fender Digital eco system for sharing and learning.

The Fender Mustang GT40 takes what was great about the previous generation Mustang amps and really takes it to the next level in all departments - sound, feel, design and build!