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Fender Original 57/62 Strat Pickup Set

Fender Original 57/62 Strat Pickup Set


Reverse engineered from an original vintage 1963 Stratocaster, this 57/62 Strat pickup set is the ideal replacement or upgrade for the vintage Strat lover.

Fender Original 57/62 Strat Pickup Set

The Fender Original 57/62 Stratocaster Pickup Set is an authentic recreation of the original pickups that made tonal and musical history! The perfect way to to make a good guitar a great guitar. 

Housed in tinged vintage white covers the 57/62 set is made using a pure vintage specification reverse-engineered from a 1963 Strat. This means this set accurately captures the feel and vibe perfectly with the famous glistening highs and warm lows, usually reserved for those who invest in vintage pieces, singing loud and clear. 

This iconic tonal quality is achieved by using a combination of 60's build techniques. Just like on the originals Fender have opted for staggered beveled-edge pole pieces for a more controlled output and alnico V magnets with formvar wire which is the secret behind the tighter, more focused dynamics that this set will achieve.