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Fender V-Mod Telecaster Pickup Set

Fender V-Mod Telecaster Pickup Set


Set of Telecaster single coil pickups developed by legendary pickup guru, Tim Shaw, to give a crisp, vintage-informed tone.

Fender V-Mod Telecaster Pickup Set

Developed by highly respected pickup guru, Tim Shaw, the Fender V-Mod Telecaster Pickup Set is ideal for anyone looking to give their Tele a fresh new refined tone. 

Featuring Fender's proprietary blend of alnico magnets types, each pickup in this pair is voiced for that particular position. They are designed to deliver a crisp, 'vintage-imformed' tone rich in definition and warmth but with a clarity that appeals to modern playing styles. 

Each pickup in the V-Mod Tele set is calibrated for optimum tone whether used ion its own or combined with the other.