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Ibanez RGIM7MH 7-string Multi-Scale Guitar

Ibanez RGIM7MH 7-string Multi-Scale Guitar


The Ibanez RGIM7MH is a multi-scale 7-string electric guitar from the hugely popular Iron Label Series.

Ibanez RGIM7MH 7-string Multi-Scale Guitar

The Ibanez Iron Label RGIM7MH multi-scale 7-string electric guitar features a pair of EMG808 pickups and is built to rock!

The Iron Label series was introduced into the Ibanez range to deliver a selection of guitar built for hard rock and metal. The RGIM7MH carries on with that tradition with a selection of unique appointments, including a multi-scale design. This design gives a longer scale length on the bass side of the instrument and a shorter scale on the treble side. Not only does this offer you better intonation across all seven strings, but the higher tension on the low strings adds muscle and punch to your tone. It also ergonomically coordinates with the way a player's hand angles as it moves up and down the neck. In addition a pair of EMG 808 pickups gives you plenty of power whilst maintaing excellent articulation.

As for construction, the RGIM7MH features a mahogany body that it married to Nitro Wizard-7 neck maple/purpleheart neck topped with a jatoba fretboard.

A lot of guitars can play metal, but the Ibanez Iron Label RGIM7MH was born for it.