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J Rockett Archer IKON Overdrive Pedal

J Rockett Archer IKON Overdrive Pedal


This killer Klon clone from Californian pedal builders J.Rockett cracks the tonal mystery of one of the most sought after, rare drive pedals in the world! This IKON version features the same diodes in the clipping circuit as the original Klon for a warmer, smoother response.

J Rockett Archer IKON Overdrive Pedal

Based on the legendary 90's Klon Centuar Overdrive the J Rockett Archer IKON Overdrive Pedal is a JRAD innovation that finally offers that authentic Klon circuitry with that mid range kick and EQ response, all housed in a compact, bombproof solid steel box. No circuit board disguising gloop in sight!

A pedalboard friendly, reasonably priced Klon? Our prayers have finally been answered in the form of this high quality pedal, made in California, USA.

This special 'IKON' model boasts a few vital differences to it's Silver brother. Apart from it's pretty metallic gold outer casing the IKON features different diodes within it's clipping circuit which are the same ones you would find in an original Klon, Rockett managed to secure a quantity of them to use and the IKON was born! What effect does changing the diodes have on the sound? The JRAD Archer Ikon as a result has a slightly warmer and more compressed tonal response which nails that famous Klon sound, especially on higher gain settings. 

With this JRocket Audio Designs pedal there are three controls that your need to worry about - Output, Treble and Gain. The same as the originals! The Output control, AKA the Volume Control, is extremely powerful and has been designed to drive the signal fairly hard early on. The Archer will attack the front end of your amplifier or pedal in order to get some impressive results that can be dialled into both very aggressive or crystal clear sounds. 

The second control is the Treble Control, this knob is there to provide control over the EQ response of the pedal. Turning this knob you can experiment with both dark or brighter chimey tones while also having the ability to boost the clarity of those midrange frequencies should you want to.

Finally we have Gain. The gain knob on the Archer is slightly different to a traditional gain knob on most generic drive pedals as this one almost acts as a mixer or blend control between the clean boost part of the circuit and the gain.

If you want to transform the JRAD Archer IKON into a simple clean boost then all you need to do is turn the gain down all the way and the output knob then becomes the boost volume. With this unique pedal you can then experiment with blending in the gain control and it will then also reduce clean volume and of course provide more gain. You might even prefer somewhere in the middle of this spectrum or a mix of the two...the JRAD Archer IKON is probably your most versatile drive yet! 


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