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J Rockett Lenny - Colour Boost Pedal

J Rockett Lenny - Colour Boost Pedal


The Lenny Colour Boost pedal by J.Rockett Audio Designs is inspired by the legendary SRV tone and will slam your tone to that next level!

J Rockett Lenny - Colour Boost Pedal

The bi product of one of life's happy accidents, the JRockett's Lenny Colour Boost Pedal is a JRAD's interpretation of SRV's signature Boosted amp sound. 

J.Rockett knew that the way SRV achieved this unique sound was by using a Steel String Singer that was being pushed enough so that it began to create colour, texture and feel. The world of pedals isn't lacking in bog standard boost pedals so JRockett insisted on cracking the unique make up of this SRV sound. When comparing the Lenny to a traditional loud, clean boost pedal it is very musical in it's response and as well as boosting the tone it also colours it considerably, much like a Neve studio console this is in a really dynamic, inspiring way! 

With the JRAD Lenny you have just two interactive control knobs - Boost and Tone. The boost section pushes the tubes in the amp to create an inter-play with the front end while the tone knob simple dials in the highs.

The Lenny rocks a real mid range character but where it really excels is it's ability to cut right through a mix! Stevie would approve. 



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