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Korg Volca MIX - Analogue Mixer for Korg Volcas

Korg Volca MIX - Analogue Mixer for Korg Volcas


Unlock the full potential of your Korg Volcas for complete control over your analogue sound!

Korg Volca MIX - Analogue Mixer for Korg Volcas

The Korg Volca MIX - Analogue Mixer for Korg Volcas is a must have tool for the Volca collector and experimenter! With the Volca MIX you have a intuitive four-channel analogue mixer with two mono inputs and one stereo input for hooking up three Volca units for a live set up. 

With the Volca MIX you won't need additional adaptors or power strips. Enjoy a streamlined set up thanks to the VOLCA DC OUT jacks and included DC-DC cables, with which you can supply power for up to three Volca units. 

Firstly the Volca MIX features an intuitive interface made up of three individual volume faders which designed to be smooth and easy to control, crisp-sounding LO/HI CUT filters that are controllable with a single knob and a powerful analogue master chain for adding dynamic variety the mix for that pro feel. 

The output section of the MIX features a master volume with LED VU meter for adjusting the output level, as well as a headphone output that can be used in conjunction with the line output for providing a stable on stage monitoring. 

With it's stereo mini-jack send out, AUX in jack and send level knobs for each channel, the Volca MIX also allows users to deploy their own external effects! The AUX in jack can even be used as a stereo input channel for a fourth Volca unit, an app, another gadget, instrument or device.

Use your Volcas in more ingenious ways by simultaneously playing sequences from multiple synced units or combining mute and volume controls with ease. This can be achieved with the Volca MIX thanks to it's analogue sync out jack that will connect to multiple KORG equipment for handy tempo sync, and also a play button and tempo knob to control that sync signal.