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Korg Volca Sample - Digital Sample Sequencer

Korg Volca Sample - Digital Sample Sequencer


The Korg Volca Sample is an ultra compact sample sequencer that allows you build performances with up to 100 sample sounds. Great fun on its own or a great addition to your Korg Volca set-up.

Korg Volca Sample - Digital Sample Sequencer

Capture the excitement of those hugely inspiring first generation sample with this Korg Volca Sample. Loaded with 100 samples (which you can change via a dedicated iOS app) and a fun, easy to use sequencer, the Volca Sample is superb standalone unit or a perfect addition to your Korg Volca setup!

Spoken words, ambient sounds, vocals, percussion, glitches noises....all of these sounds can become the material for your next creation...and with the Korg Volca Sample they do! Pre-loaded with 100 samples which can be changed via a dedicated iOS app (AudioPocket), allowing you to upload you own samples - the Korg Volca is a truly inspirational tool. 11 real time parameter controls give you true hands control of your sample, whilst the Analogue Isolator section with its Bass and Treble controls lets you apply powerful changes to the sound and create development and breaks by boosting or cutting the low/high ranges.

The fun really begins when you start building your layers of samples the intuitive 16-step sequencer. Parts can be inserted or removed on the fly - simply use the 16 steps to enter can also record your parts in real time. Thanks to the motion sequence function you can even record the knob movements from the 11 parameter controllers - a great way to vary and liven up your looped sequence!

Real fun happens with the Volca Sample when you connect it into the 'Volca World'. By using the included sync jack you can enjoy synchronized playback with multiple Volcas or with other similar connectible devices. 

You can also use the Volca Sample as a sound expander - simply connect a midi controller into the MIDI IN and you'll have access those sounds direct from your controller keyboard, or use it with your favourite DAW.

For those on the move, thanks to its compact size, battery operation, and built-in speaker, the Korg Volca Sample can be taken anywhere and ready to perform any time.