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Mapex T760A - Drum Stool

Mapex T760A - Drum Stool


The Mapex T760A Drum Stool features a thick padded round seat with black cloth topping and a threaded base.

Mapex T760A - Drum Stool

The Mapex T760A Drum Stool offers drummers who prefer the traditional style rounded seat stools a robust yet comfortable throne perfect for both studio time, long rehersals and intense live applications. 

Having a comfortable seat at the right height is vital to getting the most out of your drumming! Adjustable from 18" to 26", the T760A uses a threaded steel rod height adjustment system along with a threaded tube collar lock to give players back control of their seat. A set of double braced legs are also in place to keep the the T760A grounded and give it overall stability. 

For regular users who rehearse, record and perform live, an investment in a top quality drum stool is a must.