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Marshall CODE 212 - 2x12" Cabinet

Marshall CODE 212 - 2x12" Cabinet


The Marshall CODE 212 is an angled cab with 2x12" speakers designed for the modern age with a more compact shape, an ideal companion for the range of Code head units available, or a stylish pairing with your current head for a sleek looking, distinctively Marshall mini stack.

Marshall CODE 212 - 2x12" Cabinet

This Marshall CODE 212 2x12" Cabinet is a 100w light angled cab, featuring custom designed speakers that synchronise perfectly with a Code head, but otherwise provides the same superior tone, versatility and performance we can expect from Marshall.

The decision to do away with the vintage white piping traditionally featured on Marshall amps is refreshing here, giving the cab a modern, classy aesthetic, and with its more compact vertical shape it's a breeze to load in and squeeze onto a tight stage.

The Marshall CODE 212 2x12" Cabinet, make yourself heard and get that iconic Marshall stack look without breaking the bank!