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MXR M287 Sub Bass Octave Fuzz

MXR M287 Sub Bass Octave Fuzz


Combine two switchable fuzz flavors with a growling sub octave signal with the thunderous MXR M287 Sub Bass Octave Fuzz!

MXR M287 Sub Bass Octave Fuzz

The MXR M287 Sub Bass Octave Fuzz has been cooked up the MXR lab to pump out some serious low end and mind boggling fuzz! With this mammoth sounding pedal MXR's pedal gurus offer bass players the chance to have a bass octave deluxe circuit alongside a old school, fat fuzz circuit in a tough, road ready chassis. 

When it comes to controlling these massive sounds MXR have equipped the M287 with three separate output level controls for the sub octave, fuzz and dry signals. This feature gives bassists the ability to blend and shape their perfect distorted tone without losing the natural sound of their instrument. 

Further tweakability and tonal options come courtosy of the two switchable voicings found in the fuzz section of the pedal. Using these 'Warm and compressed' or 'Bright and aggressive' tones in conjunction with the mid level control mean that you have two extreme bass fuzz options and everything in between without losing that crucial mid range punch.  

  • Combine two switchable fuzz with a fat sub octave signal
  • Separate Dry volume control for clean low end retention
  • Bass and Treble controls for tweaking the fuzz signal
  • Mid Level control for boosting boost the clean midrange and cutting through the mix