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MXR M292 Carbon Copy DELUXE Analogue Delay

MXR M292 Carbon Copy DELUXE Analogue Delay


The Carbon Copy Deluxe Analogue Delay Pedal harnesses all the power of the original M169 but now offers extended delay time, tap tempo, optional modulation, a bright/warm toggle switch and a sleek new double chassis.

MXR M292 Carbon Copy DELUXE Analogue Delay

The long awaited MXR M292 Carbon Copy DELUXE Analogue Delay Pedal is an exciting analogue innovation from MXR. Taking everything players loved about the original compact M169 Carbon Copy the M292 Deluxe delivers the same lush analogue warmth and sweet modulation but now with a host of new features that make this the most powerful delay unit in the Carbon Copy family. 

Carbon Copy deluxe owners will now benefit from a significantly extended delay time that allows repeats to be a huge 1.2 seconds apart for deep atmospheric landscapes and beautiful washes of echo. The Deluxe Carbon Copy will also give users much more control that the original thanks to a handy tap tempo function, a feature that many M169 fans had been crying out for!

Another fresh innovation from MXR in the Carbon Copy camp is a clever 'Tap Division' feature. Choose between four sub divisions made up of dotted 8ths, 8ths, triplets and 16ths that can be selected on a small clear display in the centre of the double unit. For further rhythms, song writing inspiration and live use, MXR have also included a additional features include an expression jack for external control of various functions, programmable presets and more!

Take further control the pedal with a unique tonal voicing switch. This button will allow players to select between the original dark, mellow sound of the M169 and the vibrant, bright character of the 'Bright' green edition. On top of this players can also enhance the character of their repeats by utilising the unique mod switch inspired by the original M169 by tweaking the speed and width which will introduce a lush chorus style modulation to the delay signal much like iconic vintage units.