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Nuvo DooD - Black / Pink Trim

Nuvo DooD - Black / Pink Trim


Take the first steps with a reed based instrument. Recorder fingering with moving clarinet style keys, mouthpiece and reed.

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Nuvo DooD - Black / Pink Trim

With the DooD, Nuvo has once again reinvented the rules and brought a new concept for woodwind music making to the market! This instrument allows young children to start taking their first steps with a single reed instrument earlier than would otherwise have been possible. In addition, the DooD can add another tonal shade to primary music making ensembles.

A distant descendant of the traditional French instrument the Chalumeau, the DooD utilises the same fingering system as a recorder. This is backed up by a simple, durable key cover system which helps smaller hands to close the tone holes. The instrument has a chromatic range of one octave.

The DooD is supplied with the same mouthpiece usually found on the Nuvo Clarineo, Two Nuvo reeds, a fingering chart and an instrument case are included as part of the set. In time, the player can move on either to stronger Nuvo reeds or even traditional cane reeds - Eb clarinet reeds are also compatible with the mouthpiece. The DooD is waterproof and very easy to clean. Pitched in C (concert pitch)