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Pearl P2050B Eliminator Single Bass Drum Pedal inc. Case - Belt Drive

Pearl P2050B Eliminator Single Bass Drum Pedal inc. Case - Belt Drive


Harnessing the power and flexibility founded by the classic Eliminator pedal and blending it with the fluidity and natural speed of the Demon Series pedals, the Pearl Eliminator P2050B Belt driven bass drum pedal pushes the boundaries to that next level in true innovative Pearl fashion.

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Pearl P2050B Eliminator Single Bass Drum Pedal inc. Case - Belt Drive

Continuing from the orginal PowerShifter Eliminator Pedal the revamped and revitalised Pearl P2050B Eliminator Redline Belt Single Bass Drum Pedal once again represents a huge leap in kick pedal design and performance. Featuring Pearl's patented Interchangeable Cam System this is a unique kick pedal that allows players near unlimited tweaking ability, enabling them to personalise their own feel, power and speed response. 

An adaption of what was orginally a skateboard technology for achieving a quick, quiet performance, featured 'Ninja' bearings in the P2050B's design use micro-polished steel balls to improve speed and smoothness. Working hand in hand with this is also a 'Click-Lock' spring adjustment system which utalizes a Rotor Tension Cradle to ground your chosen spring settings in place while also allowing the spring to pivot with each stroke for minimal resistance. 

Pearl have chosen their 'QuadBeater' for this model. Not only has the overall profile been significantly reduced without compromising the four beater surfaces - two hard plastic, two felt - but with the help of Pearl's 'Control Core' technology vibration is also drastically reduced resulting in improved feel and power. 

A movable footboard or 'Powershifter' gives players 3 positions for fine tuning their kick pedal experience too. Players have the power to choose their perfect drive angle leverage depending on whether they prefer their pedal to feel light, regular or strong!

The 'Uni-Lock' beater angle cam grips onto the axel a full 360 degrees which allows for further adjustments such as the beater angle while a stainless steel 'Zero Play' hinge frees up each and every motion, encouraging blistering speed with zero play between the footboard and heel. 

The P2050B Eliminator is also equipped with independent traction grip in the form of a reversible Traction Plate insert, a part that has been incorporated into the overall design of the pedal to again offer players that customisation factor. With the ability to tweak traction grip levels players have the control to always achieve their exact playing requirements. 

Eliminator owners will also benefit from a revamped rollar hoop clamp system with flexible side mount adjustment. This is in place to be adaptable to various hoop thicknesses for the ultimate smooth and secure grip, all with the bonus of easy hoop clamp access meaning setting up and packing away is easier than ever.