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Pearl TC2000 Tom/Cymbal Stand

Pearl TC2000 Tom/Cymbal Stand


Pearl's top-of-the-line TC-2000 Tom/Cymbal Stand features outstanding stability with a CH-2000S cymbal holder with GyroLock tilter and GyroLock tom arm for 360 degree infinitely adjustable tom positioning.

Pearl TC2000 Tom/Cymbal Stand

Tom Arm with GyroLock Tilter
Allows the tom arm to adjust infinitely with 360 degree range of motion for pinpoint tom placement.

CH-2000S Cymbal Holder with GyroLock Tilter
Features a telescopic boom arm with GyroLock tilter for 360 degree infinitely adjustable positioning for precise cymbal placement.

Die Cast Pipe Joints
Our extra tall die cast pipe joints provide greater surface area for unrelenting grip. Stop Locks assure rock solid performance and repeatable set-ups.

No Rattle Tubes
An industrial-designed nylon bushing inside the upper tube prevent metal-to-metal contact for rattle free performance making this stand ideal for recording session work!

Double braced struts on the tripod provide the ultimate in structural integrity to prevent lateral wobble and the inherent squeaks that may result from it.

UltraGrip Wingnuts and Wingbolts
UltraGrip Wingnuts and Wingbolts feature an ingenious ergonomic handle with notches that allows your drumsticks to be used for loosening if needed.

Extra Large Non-Slip Feet
Keep your instruments firmly planted and absorb unwanted overtones and vibrations.