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Pedaltrain Spark ISO 1300 Effects Power Supply

Pedaltrain Spark ISO 1300 Effects Power Supply


The Spark from Pedaltrain is a low-profile, easy mount pedal power supply that boasts 5 isolated outputs with a combined power of 1300mA.

Pedaltrain Spark ISO 1300 Effects Power Supply

Introducing the Pedaltrain Spark ISO 1300 Power Supply. The thinnest and most powerful pedal power supply in it's class! 

Designed to fit all pedaltrain models from the Nano to the Terra the Spark has been built to be the perfect match for your board and simple to install. Mount it quickly and easily without the help of any special tools or drilling, simply use the included low profile mounts. 

Despite it's ultra thin profile the Spark houses a handy 5 isolated outputs that add up to a combined power of 1300mA - enough to supply the most current hungry pedals on your board e.g. digital effects. Using the included daisy chain cables you have enough power to support up to 13 pedals! 

Pedaltrain are generous to those looking to add a Spark to their set up as they includes a huge selection of connector/daisy-chain cables. Every thing you need to power up straight out the box is included! 

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