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QTX PB-1214 Light Weight LED Par Bar

QTX PB-1214 Light Weight LED Par Bar


Lightweight and versatile LED lighting system by QTX for DJs and performers.

QTX PB-1214 Light Weight LED Par Bar

The QTX PB-1214 Light Weight LED Par Bar is a portable lighting rig fit for all kinds of venues and shows. DJs and performers will love it's portability, easy set up and bright, super smooth LED display.

With the QTX users have access to 4 PAR Cans, each of which are each loaded with 12 LEDs in red, green, blue and white for an impressive blend of colours. At 75cm long and with a beam angle of up to 30 degrees, the QTX LED Par Bar will be immersive no matter what the venue or event.

QTX have kept the PB-1214's design both as portable and as lightweight as possible in order to suit those who need a system that is easy to transport and store at all times. This par bar also adds futher flexibility with it's height adjustable mechanism, which you can set from 0.9m to 1.8m, and it's included travel case which will protect it when not in use.