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Roland EC-10M ElCajon Mic Processor

Roland EC-10M ElCajon Mic Processor


The Roland EC-10M ElCajon Mic Processor will add a whole new level of tonal diversity to your favourite Cajon. You can blend cajon tones in with a variety of sounds, create loops and even add pedals to your setup.

Roland EC-10M ElCajon Mic Processor

The Roland EC-10M ElCajon Mic Processor will expand the cajon players tonal arsenal and versatility. A unique and creative tool.

With the rise in popularity of cajons seemingly endless, manufacturers have been creating an array of add-ons to expand the tonal versatility of these wonderfully simple percussion instruments. The EC-10M ElCajon is one such add on that is here to make you cajon come alive with new tones via way of the compact, battery powered base unit and included clip-on condensor microphone.

By connecting the clip-on mic to the soundhole of your cajon, the EC-10M will pickup your cajon's acoustic tone, it'll then trigger a variety of onboard tones, including tambourine, shaker, djembe, electronic drums sounds, that you can layer with the natural vice. Simply send the microphone and your blend of layered sounds to a PA mixer via two independent outputs, or mix all sounds to one mono output.

The EC-10M hosts a simple looper allowing you to record phrases with the onboard sounds. and in addition play additional sounds via integrated A/B foot pads or optional kick trigger pedals.

Expand your cajon with a new range of expression and sounds with the Roland EC-10M.