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Roland GO:MIXER - Mixer/Interface for Smartphones

Roland GO:MIXER - Mixer/Interface for Smartphones


The Roland GO:MIXER is a portable unit that'll allow you record high quality music into your smartphone via way of multiple inputs.

Roland GO:MIXER - Mixer/Interface for Smartphones

Get access to pro quality sound into your smartphone with the Roland GO:MIXER.

Today's smartphone is a powerful tool for the musician, giving you instant access to create videos for the likes of Youtube - getting your music out there and gaining a fan base. The one issue that many musicians face is the poor quality audio that is recorded from the phone's noisy mic or the hassle of syncing audio to video in an editor...this is where the Roland GO:MIXER comes into place.

The GO MIXER has multiple inputs to allow for a versatile setup whether in a mobile or desktop environment. There are dedicated input channels for a mic, guitar/bass, instrument (such as a keyboard) and an Line in (for an MP3 player) allowing you to mix them all together live.

If you're a singer the GO:MIXER is a great tool for singing along to your favourite tracks. Connect a music player to GO:MIXER, and then use the Center Cancel function to reduce the volume of the main vocal in any song you play.

Even if your own videos aren’t focused on music, the GO:MIXER will allow you to create better productions - from reviews, Vlogs and more. 

*GO:MIXER sends a stereo audio signal its USB output. However, some Android smartphones may automatically convert the signal to mono