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Roland SPD::ONE Electro - Trigger Percussion Pad

Roland SPD::ONE Electro - Trigger Percussion Pad


The Roland SPD::ONE Electro is an electronic percussion trigger pad loaded with 22 electro-influenced sounds, including the legendary TR-808 and TR-909, plus it has the the ability to import WAV data via USB.

Roland SPD::ONE Electro - Trigger Percussion Pad

Introducing the Roland SPD::ONE Electro Trigger Percussion Pad. This exciting innovation is the simplest way for drummers, percussion players, guitarists, DJs or vocalists to add electronic drum sounds to their songs and live performances. The SPD One is an advanced digital percussion pad that features 22 iconic sounds, 12 internal sound banks and can be used on the floor, on a tabletop or even mounted to any rig or drum setup. 

With Roland's SPD ONE Electro Trigger Pad you have an electronic arsenal like never before. Accessible with this model are percussion sounds from the legendary TR-808 and TD-909 drum machines used by the likes of The Prodigy, Joy Division and more. Discover Fat snares, hi-hats, hand claps and adjust the pitch on the go with a single turn of a knob. You can even injected a sense of vastness and echo with crisp digital reverbs and delays that can be tweaked with the seconds knob. 

The robust yet-sensitive pad on the SPD::ONE can be played with sticks, hands, or feet and the trigger threshold settings are easily adjusted with intuitive controls. These simple controls consist of just four knobs on the control panel that allow you to change the sound, volume, balance and more with ease. 

As a Roland product this Trigger Electro-Pad boasts a solid feel and natural rebound which will be welcomed by drummers, while guitarists can also stomp on the unit without fear when its time for those on the floor beats. This versatile ergonomic design also works well with any musician that make sounds with their hands, the rubber padding means that sore hands after a gig is a less likely scenario than ever.