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Sabian XSR 13" Hi Hats

Sabian XSR 13" Hi Hats


The vintage style 13" XSR Hi-Hats are an extremely versatile pairing from Sabian designed for a professional bright sound which offering an affordable price tag with best in class performance.

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Sabian XSR 13" Hi Hats

The Sabian XSR 13" Hi Hats are an extremely versatile set of hats that are sonically matched as to be the perfect pairing. The key with XSR cymbals is that they are pin-point lathed and hammered for a professional grade response that sounds crisp and accurate with added clarity and cut. 

Another XSR characteristic that makes these Hi-Hats so unique is their shape. Redesigned from the ground up the 13" XSRs profiles have been enhanced and their bells reshaped, accelerating the overall sound to make them the best in class.