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Sabian XSR 18" Rock Crash

Sabian XSR 18" Rock Crash


Need to cut through the heavy volumes? The B20 Bronze XSR Rock Crash is a full on, bright and powerful choice for drummers who need to be heard.

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Sabian XSR 18" Rock Crash

The Sabian XSR 18" Rock Crash has been developed to naturally provide sharp, cutting accents that remain full and powerful! Medium weight B20 bronze construction helps this XSR Rock Crash to project impressive volume when you need it most.

Utilising similar techniques put into practice with the popular Evolution and X-Plosion ranges such as pin point lathering and hammering, the XSR 18" Rock Crash offers unrivalled professional performance. 

Another XSR characteristic that makes this crash so unique is their shape. Redesigned from the ground up the 18" XSR profiles have been enhanced and their bells reshaped, accelerating the overall sound to make them the best in class.