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Sabian XSR Effects Set

Sabian XSR Effects Set


Grow your setup with some alternative sounds in the form of the XSR Effects Set. 10" Splash and an 18" Chinese included in this pack offer enhanced complexity and variety.

Sabian XSR Effects Set

The Sabian XSR Effects Set includes a 10" Splash and a 18" Chinese to make up a set of useful effects to add to your set up.

Both are made from quality B20 bronze alloy and are precision hammered and milled to give them their improved profiles and reshaped bells that enhance the overall sound produced. Processes involved to craft this pair of cymbals use the same technology that Sabian used for the famous Evolution and X-Plosion cymbals. 

The Sabian XSR 10" Splash Cymbals are extra thin vintage style cymbals that produce an overall bright sound which means they excel at quick, splashy punches and accents that cut though the mix. 

For those seeking alternative sounds to add to their acoustic drum it need to be introduced to this Sabian XSR 18" Chinese Cymbal. With its own unique tonal flair the Chinese Cymbal will react in an aggressive fashion with a raw, nasty tightness. Highly desirable traits for a stand out cymbal that can give any track or mix that creative, tribal edge.