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Studiomaster PAX12+ 12" Powered Monitor

Studiomaster PAX12+ 12" Powered Monitor


The Studiomaster PAX12+ is 120w powered monitor with a compact footprint, robust build, 12" speaker, a 3 band EQ and more.

Studiomaster PAX12+ 12" Powered Monitor

With a Studiomaster PAX12+ 12" Powered Monitor artists have a high quality stage monitor designed with a powerful, clean sound in mind along with a host of great features. 

Aimed and angled directly at the performer the PAX12 is the answer to many artists prayers. Finally a compact monitor with a sound focused enough so that you can hear it clearly in a live music or performance scenario. This PAX12 features a 12" speaker that works in harmony with custom designed low frequency drivers in order to conjure up a clear sound even at high volume levels when called upon. 

Studiomaster have equipped the PAX12 with some very useful ins and outs in order to suit a variety of users and set ups. You get both balanced XLR and Jack inputs along with a link output to allow multiple PAX monitors to be connected from one signal source, crutially allowing the whole band to hear properly. 

With this 12" PAX model you can drive your speakers harder too! Using a variable active notch filter you can tweak the precise narrow band of sound when want to find the exact frequency that is causing unwanted feedback. Further pro like control is offered in the form of a 3-band EQ. With this you can change manipulate gain and level in order to achieve the perfect sound for use with the connected PA system.

As well as this the Studiomaster powered models such as the PAX12 also feature a speaker out. This output allows users to connect another passive PX speaker and control it from the same internal amplifier.