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Vic Firth 5B PureGrit Drumsticks - Wood Tip

Vic Firth 5B PureGrit Drumsticks - Wood Tip


Medium taper with a tear drop tip, non-lacquered finish and 'gritty' wood feel. Ideal for long performances or high speed drumming.

Vic Firth 5B PureGrit Drumsticks - Wood Tip

The Vic Firth 5B PUREGRIT is based off the classic 5B design, with a little extra diameter to provide a touch more power behind each hit, however the 5B PUREGRIT sticks are non-lacquered and finished with a unique abrasion process to present a raw wood texture that feels a little rougher around the edges, designed to better suit a sweaty handed drummer. The lack of finish also allows your bodily perspiration and oils to penetrate the stick, creating an even more natural feel and synergy between player and stick.

No two drummers are alike, so with two fresh formulae the team at Vic Firth are continuing to cater for their customers specific needs by providing more tactile options, whether they experience dry or sweaty hands. 

The Vic Firth 5B PUREGRIT, peace of mind when playing, tailored to your body chemistry!

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