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Beginner instruments for Christmas

Our buyers guide for those looking for beginners looking to learn electric guitar, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard and drums!

So you (maybe a friend or family member!) want to learn a new instrument? Don't know where to start? Baffled by the endless different types, models and ranges? Don't let this put you off as we are here to help. 

Whether you want to start learning guitar, bass, keyboard or drums, this blog lists all the essentials you need to get started. Hand picked by the knowledgeable staff here at GigGear the work has been done for you! 

Electric Guitar and Bass Guitar...

Squier Affinity Series HSS Stratocaster with Fender Frontman 15G Amp Package and Squier Affinity PJ Bass with Fender Rumble 15 Amp Package. 

For those in the market for their first guitar our friends at Fender have just the thing for you. Squier make Fender's more accessible and affordable entry to mid level guitars and since the 80's have built up a great reputation for offering great retro looks, high quality construction and reliable performance. 

If you want to start out on an electric guitar Squier make this Squier HSS Strat Candy Apple Red Pack with Frontman 15G Amp PackageThe guitar included will suit the beginner down to the ground thanks to it's comfortable contoured body, versatile yet simple electronics and classic Fender finishes. With this pack you have the choice of Sunburst or Candy Apple Red (Pictured).

Aspiring bassists will love the Squier Affinity PJ Bass Package too! Modelled on a classic P Bass this is an instrument that not only looks and sounds fantastic for it's modest price tag but is easy to play too. These come with a choice of Sunburst (Pictured) or Black finishes. 

Both these packages include essential accessories too. You get a strap for when you want to play whilst standing and a guitar cable for plugging the guitar or bass into the included amplifiers.  

Acoustic Guitar...

From right - Squier SA-105CEFender CD60S and Brunswick BTK30

If you are looking to start out on an acoustic guitar then again Fender have a model that we always highly recommend in store, the Fender CD60Swhich boasts a classic dreadnought shaped body, a solid spruce top for better sound projection and a super comfortable rounded edge neck. Perfect for a beginner looking for a reliable companion with a great sound!

Those on a slightly tighter budget the Squier SA-105CE is another strong option with a cutaway body and a electronic pickup system for when you want to plug into an amp or PA system. Alternatively the colourful Brunswick BTK30 Electro-Acoustic which comes in a little cheaper is again a solid choice for players who want a simple no thrills acoustic to learn with. 

Essential accessories for acoustic guitarists. From right - the TGI 4315 Dreadnought Acoustic Gigbag, Fender Monogrammed Guitar Strap and the BOSS TU-01 Tuner. 


Yamaha PSR-E263 and Yamaha PSR-E453. 

Looking to play piano? When our customers come down to our store with the intention of starting out playing the keyboard or piano we find the Yamaha PSRE keyboard range to be the most popular and feature rich for the price.  

Our budget option has to be the Yamaha PSR-E263 portable keyboard because it is intuitive in it's controls and features a host of different sounds and voices to explore for different styles. It will even help players learn with a handy duo mode that allows another player to play alongside you and houses an AUX input for playing along with your favourite tracks. 

The mid level choice and our best selling keyboard without a doubt is the Yamaha PSR-E363. Touch sensitive keys which will allow for more expressive, dynamic playing - just like a real piano! 574 voices, 165 accompaniments, 154 preset songs, 150 arpeggio types, a recording function, reverb effects, metronome and more will give players the resources to play and progress while sounding great at the same time. 

If you want a really capable keyboard from the start it has to be the Yamaha PSR-E453. Not only does this model pack a massive 758 high quality voices but it has a set of Yamaha's 'Bass Reflex' speakers which are a significant upgrade for playing out loud! 

Essential accessories for keyboard players - TGI X-Style Keyboard Bench and TGI TGKS1 Keyboard Stand.  


The Carlsbro CSD130 and Roland TD1KV. 

For your first drum kit electronic is the way to go! Standard acoustic kits just aren't designed for playing in your bedroom...sorry guys! Your neighbours will thank us later.

If you are a complete novice and stuck on which kit to choose, we would say it is a two horse race between the Carlsbro CSD130 and the slightly more upmarket Roland TD1KV Kit.

The Carlsbro kit is a intelligent choice with an extremely affordable price tag that won't break the bank, a really compact frame that is designed to fit in the smallest of rooms when in use and will fold up for storage or transportation. With 250 high quality drum sounds, 20 preset drum kits and 20 demo songs, the brain included with the kit shows just why this it is such good value for money. 

Essential accessories for drums - Mapex Drum Stool and Vic Firth NOVA 5A Drumsticks.  

One of the worlds most popular drum kits, the Roland TD1KV edges the Carlsbro in terms of sound quality and overall feel. It's robust, quality hardware will go the distance too! This kit is perfect for the bedroom thanks to it's noise-reducing snare, tom and cymbals pads and the beater-less design kick pedal. 

The brain on this kit is simple but intelligent with a 'Coach' function, metronome and recorder built in to help players develop their skills as well as 15 expressive built in top quality drum sounds. 

Thursday, 7th December 2017

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