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Roland TD-17 V-Drums

A brand new V-Drums range has just been launched in the form the Roland TD-17 Series.

The Roland TD-17 Series is the latest addition to the V-Drums range of electronic drum kits. Superseding the hugely popular TD-11 range, the TD-17 kits take what was great about those kits and adds a range of premium appointments and features, including new pads, a flagship (TD-50) derived sound engine and more!

Roland TD-17KVX V-Drums

There are three kits in the range. The entry level TD-17K-L, the mid level TD-17KV and the flagship TD-17KVX. All models feature the TD-17 sound module (though the TD-17K-L has the TD-17-L model, which is identical, but doesn't have Bluetooth connectivity). With its sound engine derived from the flagship TD-50 series, you are treated to Roland's Prismatic Sound Modeling technology. This technology  allows for a wider dynamic range and wider tonal changes depending on how hard and where you play the pads...fundamentally giving you, as a player, a more fulfilling and rewarding playing experience. The module comes loaded with 50 great presets, with the ability to edit and create your own kits. In addition, you can also import your own samples giving you the option to create completely unique kits. 

Roland TD-17 Sound Module

As for pads and configurations, the TD-17K-L utilizes a mesh snare combined with 3 rubber tom pads and a hi-hat, crash and ride cymbal setup. The mid level TD-17KV steps it up a little by introducing a full mesh head set-up, with the brand new large 12" PDX-12 double mesh snare, for added playability. The flagship TD-17KVX is identical to the model below but also adds the VH-10 hi-hat and larger cymbals (two in this case) and ride.

As with all Roland V-Drums, reliabiltiy and build quality is top notch. So when you take this into account, and add in the new TD-17 features, these make for excellent value kits with models and price points to suit a range of budgets and requirements.

Friday, 11th May 2018

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