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Loop/Sampler Pedals

A loop pedal allows you to create layer upon layer of music phrases and build either subtle backings or vast and complex musical landscapes. They can be hugely effective when used by the solo performer allowing for added dynamics and textures to be had within a songs arrangement – how about some percussive elements, added chords or harmonised lead notes.  They can also be great practice tools – why not create a loop of a chord progression and then solo over the top. If you’re a songwriter then a loop pedal maybe an ideal tool to help inspire, create or perfect your next creation.

Many units allow for multiple inputs (mic/line/guitar) therefore having the ability to record and loop vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion and more, giving way to potentially huge looping power and musical creativity.

Loop pedals and looping have gained a huge following over recent years with many popular artists now regularly using them in their live set-ups / performances – Ed Sheeran is the latest big star who has really pushed the awareness of the loop pedal and shown just how effective one man can be with a looper. The BOSS Loopstation World Championships, held every year, is an event that really showcases the talent out there with artists really pushing the boundaries of the ever popular BOSS RC Loopstation units.

For a more in-depth guide with regards to what loop pedal maybe be more suitable for your budget and needs then check our GigGear Guides - Loop Pedals article.

By Rob Evans

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