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Admira Almeria Classical Guitar 1957N

Admira Almeria Classical Guitar 1957N


The award winning advanced beginners model! This full size classical guitar has been and continues to be the recommended choice of classic by teachers all around the world.

Admira Almeria Classical Guitar 1957N

The Admira Almeria Classical Guitar 1957N is a full size classical guitar on the higher end of the beginner and student market that offers high quality craftsmanship at an appealing price. 

Adopting the 4/4 classical guitar stance this model uses an Oregon pine top and Sapelli back and sides to generate a warm, mellow 'Spanish' guitar tone with excellent resonance with the help of an authentic heal/neck body joint. 

Recommended by teachers and pros alike, this genuine, Spanish made 4/4 instrument is not only a comfortable and balanced instrument with a fantastic sound but it is ideal for both adults and older children to further guitar techniques.