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BOSS DD7 Delay Pedal

BOSS DD7 Delay Pedal


The new delay offering from BOSS with Modulation Delay mode, classic modelled Analogue Delay mode and much more.

BOSS DD7 Delay Pedal

The BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay Pedal has been created by BOSS in order to offer players around the world all the best features of the BOSS delays of old, from the analog warmth of the early DM-2 to the modern tap tempo equip DD-5. All these additions in one compact rugged box mean the DD7 is the ultimate swiss army knife for the delay connoisseur.

For starters the delay time has been expanded and is now capable of up to 6.4 seconds while a special hold mode allows up to 40 seconds of input to be recorded for the ability to create those “sound on sound” performances.

New delay modes include modulation delay which can deliver more chorus like sounds as well as the analog delay modelled simulation of the iconic BOSS DM-2, loved by so many to this day for its natural warmth.

In homage to the original DD-5 the DD-7 has the ability to be controlled by an external footswitch or expression pedal (separate products). The external footswitch can be used to control the tap tempo so the repeats can be in sync with your band, while the expression pedal can control your delay time, feedback or effect level on the fly.

Another extremely powerful feature added to the DD7 is the additional stereo outputs. Stereo outputs allow for a much wider spread of sound that kicks effects such as the spatial audio sweeps into life via the DD7's true stereo panning engine. Advantages of stereo outputs dont stop there as this gives you the choice to run a separate wet and dry rig, this is extremely beneficial for control during both recording and live performances.