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BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner

BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner


Packed with organic percussion sounds and a selection of versatile grooves, the BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner is the perfect complement for the solo acoustic guitarist or singer songwriter.

BOSS DR-01S Rhythm Partner

Bring a new level of enjoyment to your sound with the BOSS DR01S Rhythm Partner. Designed especially for the acoustic musician - great for the solo guitarist or singer songwriter - the DR01S comes packed with organic percussion sounds arranged in a selection of versatile grooves, perfectly complimenting your unplugged experience.

Acoustic music by its nature is simple and uncomplicated, and with the BOSS DR01S, your acoustic flow will retain its relaxed vibe. With its classy design and easy to use interface, the DR-01S will enhance and complement any acoustic style. Simply select your beat and layer up to seven of the percussion instruments to create your own unique rhythms. You'll then have access to volume, tempo and time signature to make sure you percussion groove if perfectly in time with you. You can even store up to 50 favourites to recall at a later time.

The variety of percussion sounds on board will truly inspire including congas, shakers, tambourines, bongos, bells, cajon, and many more. In addition, the DR01S also has a full drum kit with both acoustic and electronic sounds. Each instrument category has a range of natural organic grooves that have been created by real acoustic percussionists, giving you access to wide range of usable rhythms.

The integrated audio system with its custom speaker, clever cab design and high quality amplifier produces a warm, full sound that will perfectly sit in sync with the natural tones of your acoustic instrument. Great for home but it doesn't stop there, when you take to the stage, simply connect the line out to a PA system.

The BOSS DR-01S is a great addition for any acoustic musician - and not just guitarists either, as it'll compliment instruments like the violin, ukulele and piano superbly well too.