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BOSS MT-2W Metal Zone Waza Craft

BOSS MT-2W Metal Zone Waza Craft


The BOSS MT-2W Metal Zone pedal is from the Waza Craft series. Made in Japan this pedal is able to deliver a versatile range of heavy guitar tones thanks to its two modes and versatile EQ section.

BOSS MT-2W Metal Zone Waza Craft

The BOSS MT2W Waza Craft Metal Zone ups the ante on the legendary BOSS Metal Zone pedal! Made in Japan, the MT-2W delivers a whole new range of heavy tones and versatility that will appeal to all players who live those high-gain tones.

The original Metal Zone pedal was first released on 1991 and has been one of BOSS's best selling pedals. This Waza Craft iteration takes the Metal Zone even further with its refinements, enhanced versatility and premium tone.

The MT-2W features two modes Standard and Custom. Standard mode tales the Metal Zone's legendary mid-driven sound to the next level, with a more responsive attack and enhanced definition and clarity. Noise levels have also been reduced, essential for those ultra high-gain sounds. Custom mode delivers a wide-ranging sound, more open and natural with mids that are more rounded compared to the Standard mode and with even the highest driving settings the low end is tight and focused. The sound will also clean up nicely when you reduce your guitar's volume, making for a more versatile pedal.

A versatile 3-band EQ also features, with Bass, Treble and Middle which also includes a sweepable Midrange and up to 15 dB boost/cut on each band. The EQ section had been refined for a smoother midrange tone and unique Q values specially tuned for the pedal’s Standard and Custom modes.

With its all analogue circuitry, Waza Craft mojo and versatile tonal setup, the MT-2W Metal Zone is a superb option for any guitarist in the market for a high-gain pedal.